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the best item for personal securuity ever invented
the girl has a blankie :D
by -_- November 10, 2003
155 40
A small blaket that a child carries around with them, they usually get the blankie when they are born or very young
Awww... look at that kid with that blankie, how cute.
by Ooliealapooie Forinigaladine January 18, 2008
67 9
Reformed way of saying Blanket. see also: Piller
I've got a Mickey mouse Blankie.
by some guy November 18, 2002
44 16
"cute" substitution for the word blanket. When I think of blankie, I think of blanket. Though "blankie" is technically not a real word, its frequent application lend it to be used synonymously for the word blanket.
Daddy bought an organic blankie for grandmother since she lost her old one during the move.
by moderndaypoet August 30, 2010
19 8
a little girl that likes to pretend that shes black, and/or hispanic, in lineage.
yo essay you know im loco
by sillybear October 12, 2003
18 67