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Blaney – a tea-spitting chubaluba, who is found in Slovakia. This strange creature sneaks up on people in starbucks and drops over sized peanuts into their beverages. Afterwards she will retreat back to the woods to feast upon moss and 4 leaved clovers found by river. Blaney will make a den to stay in and make it all cosy for her and her babies the ooga-boogasto live in.
‘’Oh no! There is an over sized peanut in my beverage’’
‘’That must of been the work of a Blaney’’
by LeahCalder March 23, 2009

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chubaluba ooga-boogas tea-spitting fronin grymmsy
Slang, blanket, blankie
It's fronin in here, I need a blaney!
by Carrie February 24, 2005