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Sweet, caring and funny girl that loves being around people. can make people laugh at their darkest days, they will always cheer people up . They are beautiful and often called beauty Goddesses. Has eyes that one can easily get lost in. . Can make lots of friends. A fantastic friend who can make everyone smile.
She's so Blanche.

What a Blanche!

Should be more Blanche's in the world.
by girwhohasswag November 12, 2011
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blanche is crazy(in a good way) funny always finds away to make me laugh. she is practically my sister and is my best friend in he whole world
by bert face November 16, 2012
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to be extremely stoned, or high.

Whoa man, im sooo blanched right now.
by dopalope February 19, 2009
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That woman is such a blanche, just like that old woman from the Golden Girls
by cumquats June 05, 2009
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Goth-Country-Punk band from Detroit that experiments with a wide assortment of instruments, including 2 piece drumsets, to banjos, to mandolins, to autoharp, to electric guitar.

Blanche creates an interesting and appealing atmosphere that could easily be mistaken for ghosts sitting around a campfire. They create cryptic, haunting music at times (such as tracks Someday, Superstition, and So Long Cruel World), they explore the boundaries of truth in songs such as Do You Trust Me, and create complicated love songs sure to please anyone with a mature ear.

Blanche is from Detroit, Michigan and features the talented Dan John Miller on electric guitar and vocals, the beautiful Tracee Mae Miller (wife to Dan) on bass and backup vocals, the crazy Feeny on pedal steel guitar, Lisa Jaybird Jannon on drums and on occasion, acoustic guitar, and the adorable, talented Little Jack Lawrence on banjo, autoharp, and occasionally mandolin.
"Don't you know it's bad luck to be superstitious?"
"But nothing else is working, and my head is really hurting!"
-Blanche's "Superstitious"
by killthebig3 February 25, 2006
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