a skinny ranga who uses twezies to masterbate and his girlfriend refuses to suck it because she is worried it will break of and peire her tong
blake is a little orange haired individual that has a very small penis
by random guy from texas usa May 23, 2009
Someone who got physically powned by a seventh grade pussy. Used to describe some who cant fight or got owned.
Dude, you see that kid over there? He got totally Blaked!!!
by Mach ( mitchel, zach ) May 02, 2009
Blake is a slang word they use in engand which means a male who likes to give another male a blowjob and who would stick there penis up another males ass, another word for this would be homosexual.
man that blake kid is a real blake!
by Tugger craft February 09, 2009
a fag who likes taking it in the ass and giving head at the same time. they are only homosexual and have a tendency of only fucking extremely gay guys
man, blake is giving it to that gay couple over there
by jewish community August 25, 2008
simply beautiful, sweet, u wish u were her, boys fall over her, prettiest one in school, somehow her frends arent jealous, picky when it comes to boys, preppy, can u say Abercrombie?, loves to flirt, weird around opposite sex, many frends that are great to her, athletic, short, sporty, wealthy$$$, hott!!!
Omg that was a blake!!!
Ya that was, she was so hott!!!
lets get her number
Can i have ur number?
Umm no!! Goodbi
by Beautifull unicorn godess June 12, 2005
A fagget Douche Bag Shit Fuck, who nobody likes because they dont have a life and because they dont shower and smell like vagina
Omigosh that kid is such a blake, come on hurry let go we dont want to start smelling like vagina do we
by fatty ass lucas August 26, 2008
a retarted fag who plays guitar and is horrible with the ladies
blake is a homosexual
by bob sanchezy January 17, 2009
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