My roomate.
Blaize Pascal lives in my dorm.
by Doonerak333 April 29, 2003
Top Definition
A tall, gangly, good lookin' fella who knows his way around the track...with the ladies. He once hooked up with a "Maddie" (see Maddie definition) twice in one night. On purpose. naked.
Did you see Blaize over Maddie this spring break?

Blaize hooked up with Maddie? Good for him.

does anyone have any special intentions?
mickey: for blaize and maddie
Marcus: for maddie and blaize
by True$tory. April 27, 2009
A man who is a trap. No, not kind of trap. I mean that they will draw you under their spell and make you fall irrevocably in love with them and then do nothing about it. Picture falling in love with a pillow. Or better yet, a skinny, pizza-faced pillow, since they have like zero body fat. Will have girls crying for months in self-doubt. May be even worse than a playa. Buyer beware.
L: I can't believe I wasted so much time on that...that BLAIZE!

Eh, that's life.
by LifeisaJourney January 10, 2013
A girl with a smile always on her face, inner beauty is her key. She is a loyal friend but when crossed can be the nastiest person you come across. True friends will stand by her, hard to get on with as she is honest and to the point. She loves to be in the centre of drama and is a loud outgoing person, although she is an old soul. She is a loyal girlfriend but isnt scared to have her fun when single! Will make a good wife and loving mother.
Blaize loves to get naughty
Blaize enjys drama
by badman6969 February 04, 2010
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