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The belief that everyone is jealous of your perfection and therefore out to get you.
She's a bit of a Blairanoid freak.
by StripeBassDorf July 17, 2009

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A term, expression or condition refering to the "Gossip Girl" character Blair Waldorf (both in the book series and in the television show). If you are "Blair-Anoid" you feel that the entire population of the world (including your friends) hate you because you think you are superior, and are therefore out to get you and backstab you, or just stab you. "Blair-Anoid" also means a condition of paranoia and the feeling of superiority, which can mean you think you are just "that much".
"Oh, I'm so perfect! I'm skinny, brunette, rich, smart, gorgeous, I know what to wear and I'm going to Yale!"
"Jeez, you're so Blair-Anoid!"
"You just say that because you're jealous" (and because it's true)
by dictiossip July 29, 2010