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a bitchy slag
oh my god she is such a blag!
by wirral2kaii10 August 23, 2010
To brag in blog form.
I would like to blag that at my staff meeting today my team of 1st grade teacher got major kudos from the owner of my school.

I know this may come of as a big blag, but I totally scored with this girl last night.
by blogwords March 25, 2009
Blag is word with multiple meaning. Fyee, ayyee, swaagg fuck. You just substitute the real word with blag
Oh, she Down to Blag (Fuck)
Where the Blag you been (Fuck)
Dude, I just got my license, blaaggg (swaaaag)
Dude, that guy is blagged up! (Swagged)
Blag me the fuck out (Swag)
by BoxxTheLastKing July 10, 2011

Bad looking Asian girl.


Bad looking, Asian, and female at the same time.

A:Are there any cags sitting at that table?
B:No dude those are all blags.

The girl next to that cag is mega-blag.
by Sabakunoneji March 03, 2009
A Black Bag. Typically when you buy something questionable, you will receive it in a black bag...a blag.
Dude - are you going to drink your '40 in the blag?
by a.snod August 04, 2009
To brag about your blog / promote your personal blog or internet sites excessively and often; to blow your own trumpet according to number of site hits, users, links etc
"You should really go and check out my blog. It's really popular - somewhere around 400 users I think!"
Sigh. He's blagging again.
by LindzJol April 19, 2008
Similar to the words "crack" and "banter", can be used to represent an activity or talking.
1. Last night was good blag
2. I love Harry's blag
by MosesOfNewcastle May 29, 2007