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Like a hipster, it is a counter-culture that values independent thinking. It originates from the the streets of New York and California.

A blackster will enjoy musical artists such as Frank Ocean, Jhene Aiko, Childish Gambino & A$AP Rocky. These artists are associated with the PBR&B genre. The more commercial artists associated with the blackster culture are Kanye West, Aaliyah & Drake.
Famous Blacksters include: Willow Smith, A$AP Rocky, Cara Delevingne, Tyler the Creator and Joan Smalls.
A blackster will usually be found wearing items of clothing such as Jordans, skinny jeans, baggy jumpers, and New Era caps.
Blacksters have the ability to twerk but choose not to.

*Not to be confused with a 'black hipster'
Keith: Hey Keisha, show us how you twerk!

Keisha:I can, but I'd rather just sit here and listen to Aaliyah.

Keith: Such a Blackster.
by MixedCubanUK May 08, 2014
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A drink created in the basement of a Wisconsin Rapids, WI house containing Blackberry Brandy & Monster Energy. It is a type of a variation of the Jag-Bomb. 3:1 monster to brandy ratio.
"Hey big shooter how about you mix me up a one of those tasty blacksters"
by Shooter McGavin #1 November 26, 2009
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