The reason that
1.You have no friends
2.Havent got laid
3.You dont care about your family
4.Doing terrible at school
Example 1: Person1: Finnaly rank 70 im going to tell my friends wait wut friend

Example2: Girl:Hey cutie wanna have some fun

Boy: Nahhhhh call of duty blackops sounds more fun

Example 3: Mother: Jake your... your...... dad has been killed

Jake: Shut the fuck up noob im playing

Example4: Teacher: Can any one tell me whts 50x12 what about u nick

Nick; ummmmm level 23 prestige
by XXahrockzXX November 14, 2011
Top Definition
Something that reduces pregnancy rates by 50%
Guy 1: Dude, my girlfriend dumped me, because I sat there playing Black ops all day!
by femalegamer November 09, 2010
A video game that is addicting to teenage boys. Also the cause of the huge decrease in teen pregnacy, teen relationships, and any interaction with male from the ages 13-18. When speaking to a victim of this game, they may speak in some languge where they will say, "BK" , "Garbage" , "Noob" , "Camper" , "Hardscope", "Drop Shot", and many more.

Warnings: Keep all males in the age range of 13-18 away from this game if you want to ever speak to them again.
Jake: Hey, did you get Black Ops?
Austin: Fuck yeah im going to game it up all night.
Jake Me too, invite me!
by Annoyed Girlfriend November 10, 2010
A very effective contraception method used by teens. the cause of huge and almost instant drop in rates of new teen pregnancies (there have been 5 pregnancies confirmed since nov. 9th, 2010).

Colloquially known as black ops, the real name of the game is Call of Duty: African-American Ops.
example 1:

hot girl: "hey you, want a blowjob? ;)"

guy: "no im playing black ops. maybe later. FUUUUUUCKKKKKK goddamnit fucking hardscoper!!"

example 2:
white kid: man black ops is gona be fucking awesome!

person of african descent: you mutha FUCKA!!
by MildlyUpsetManOfColor November 14, 2010
reason why most women are turning lesbian
Sally:Whats wrong.? Betty: Ugh i havent seen my boyfriend in months ever since black ops came out
by yadadamean.? January 02, 2011
The Seventh and probably the most anticipated game of the Call of Duty first person shooter game series. This game is said to be released on November 11th 2010.As expected, players will spend at least some of the time fighting the North Vietnamese, but the lead character has a secret agenda as well. In the trek through Vietnam, the player will enter water engagements with a trusty knife, provide intel from an SR-71 Blackbird, and even take control of a helicopter.
CoDmoD He4twav3: Hey man are you getting black ops?

CoDmoD InfectsU: Ya i'm gonna get Black Ops, I cant wait to play it. I heard it is going to be the best Call of Duty yet!
by Patizawsome September 27, 2010
The best form of abstinence known to man. Give this to a guy and it's like a condom and wont ever break.

The uttermost hated thing by girls everywhere.
Sally: NOOOOOO, John got a copy of Black Ops!

Jen: Back to for you...
by Bowser701 February 13, 2011
A game that ruined all girls lives because boys play the game too much and dropped everything for the game. Some guys are so addicted that they play a couple of hours a day.
If you ever want to see a guy again, do not ever let him buy or receive Black Ops.
guy 1:Hey man, wanna play black ops?
guy 2:na i got a date with my girl.
guy1:break the date, girls wont be there for you forever, but black ops will.
guy2:*breaks date for black ops*
by ohHEYihateb.o. December 29, 2010
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