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A month for white people to pretend they care about black people and for black people to pretend that they care about history.
Black History Month Conversation:
White person:I'm sorry,I can't help that I'm white.White people suck! See, i'm not racist! Black people rule!
Black person:Shut up wigger. I don't need you to tell me that you suck to know that.
Me:Fuck you guys.
by Allergic to Asshats February 16, 2007
An exuse to remain seperated, stereotyped and judged upon. The only way to be "equal" is to forget about it and MOVE ON. We are encouraged to think being black makes us "special" and everyone should cry us a river. Most blacks are asking - no BEGGING for racism.
Italians went through the same crap, and IMO Jews had it worse than anybody. How come they dont have a month?

Notice how Jews and Italians are almost totally accepted now.Black History Month should be cancelled.
by ThuqLadeey February 03, 2006
The stupidest thing ever. So our ancestors enslaved the black people...not our fault! The only reason racism still exists is because black people won't let it go.
black person: "Why are you doing this? Is it because I'm BLACK!? It's Black History Month, show some respect."
by MD4254 August 21, 2010
A month when we remember all of the black people who died for us and sacrificed for our freedom
Have u herd about black history month .....

Yea! What is it anyway?

A month of freedom!!!😁😁

Like m.l.k.j. day?

by One_of_a_kind May 01, 2016
A time when everyone is suspected of being racist
Mr. Brown tried to get on his students level by relating to the black kids as his piers. For months he said "sup Homie" before class and the students were fine. Come black history month, he was sued and thrown in jail for being a racist bully.
by Sscps February 13, 2015
A month when non-black people are reminded that Black people aren't unproductive. We're black everyday. Besides, technically everyone in the world is black since civilization started in West Africa and spread across the globe before the continents broke apart. Stop being racist because we're all black anyway. Gosh
Black History Month Fun Fact: You wouldn't even know this, but Dwayne Mc Duffie, a black animator created Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Ben 10.
by Awesomegurl5450 February 23, 2015
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