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Black Crack is slang for vinyl in the DJ culture. It's called black crack because often DJs spend all their money buying vinyl (which is black, and the media which most proffesional DJs use). Since they buy it all the time its an addiction like crack, thus getting the name Black Crack.
I'm going to Amoeba Records today to buy some black crack
by 12 Inches Of Joy March 22, 2005
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Drug terminology originating in NorCal.
Combination of smoking crack cocaine and hash.

Akin to a "speedball".
Euphoria combines the effects of both coke and weed in one puff.

The hash helps with any serious withdrawal or sleep issues that the crack creates.
Popular in niteclubs and also used as an aphrodisiac.
Where can I buy some nice Black Crack -- it's my birthday and I want to party!
by pseudo_N February 04, 2010
The slang term of crack hillbilly's do.
Can be found in your local diner, in the form of a pepper packet. (To keep it concealed)
Jimmy: Yeah im about to do me some black crack yuppie.
Do it in a fine line and get a straw and snort.
*coughs and about dies*

Kid:Oh damn im going to do me some black crack!

by White Trailer Trash December 28, 2007

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