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2 definitions by pseudo_N

Combination of smoking meth with hash. Originated in Northern California.

Similar to a "speedball" giving the user a dual powered high of a stimulant and muscle relaxer (depending on which strain of hash you are using) but with no hangover; greatly reduces any withdrawal symptoms from the ice.

Very popular with gay males and club kids.
I got high smoking some smooth black ice last night at the club and then partied all night till dawn in the bed with my gf.
by pseudo_N February 04, 2010
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Drug terminology originating in NorCal.
Combination of smoking crack cocaine and hash.

Akin to a "speedball".
Euphoria combines the effects of both coke and weed in one puff.

The hash helps with any serious withdrawal or sleep issues that the crack creates.
Popular in niteclubs and also used as an aphrodisiac.
Where can I buy some nice Black Crack -- it's my birthday and I want to party!
by pseudo_N February 04, 2010
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