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Bizzle (U.K.)
Sometimes Used to say goodbye, replacing the phrase "in a bit," so, "see you in a bizzle"
"I'm off - see you tomorrow-"
"Yeah, Bizzle."
by UK97 January 09, 2010
126 61
Any word starting with a B. Usually bitch.
Look at the booty on that bizzle.

Damn! All them hot wings gave me some nasty heart-bizzle.

Nigga please! That shit on my dizzle ain't none a your bizzle.

by Joe September 01, 2003
497 247
instead of sayin say bizzle so like its just anuva word 4 bit
gotta go x in a bizzle x
gotta go x cya in a bizzle x
by sxc-bab-lea-givin-ya-info July 08, 2006
170 126
instead of using a profanity when wanted to call someone a bitch, you simply say 'bizzle'
Gah, she totally just stole my pencil, that bizzle.
by Sarah November 19, 2004
190 161
another word for the BUSINESS!!!!!!
hey jamal dat shizzles da bizzle!
58 36
The best weed there is, short for kind bud aka k bizzle. very green with crystals and gets you STONED.
"Lets smoke some bizzle" "Got any bizzle?"
by H.G. June 30, 2006
59 38
a homie or friend, also a proper noun used in place of one's name
Fo' shizzle bizzle, its da D O double gizzle
by keshan January 27, 2003
96 84