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A lot better way of saying bitch
by CJ November 15, 2003
13 2
Another way of saying bitch, which means:
1. A girl whos jelous of other people, who takes other people's things, slutty, mean, and illeterate. Usually the only job they can get at the age of 18 is babysitting.
2. A term that refers to a female dog
3. Sabrina
There goes Sabrina the bitch
by Mike S June 22, 2004
16 5
Extreme term for Biatch or Biotch.
Man, youse a bizotch.
by BizE-G January 03, 2003
10 1
1.a bisexual bitch 2.a bitch that is bisexual 3. or just a word i call everyone.
1. you are a bizotch. 2.i hate you bizotch. 3. Bizotch!
by william S. January 07, 2006
10 5
frendlier way of saying bitch. Mostly used when expressing mild discontent to another.
shut the fuck up bizotch

yo homy that girl right thurs'a bizotch.
by Shiv Poppa & Funk Masta Lance October 07, 2003
7 3