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When you are in a text conversation with someone, and you suddenly find yourself in 2 seperate conversations with the same person.
Bobby texts:Are you going to the parade?
Susie replies:Yes I am marching with the band
Bobby Texts:Great, I'll keep an eye out for you, what instrument do you play?

Susie delays her response, meanwhile Bobby texts: Hey Susie, what is the last thing you had in your pussy?
Susie(Replying to the previous question) replies; The Flute

This is an example of a bitextual conversation creating some confusion!!

By the way, Susie goes on to reply :Your brother's cock!
by AJets December 02, 2008
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The ability to text, rapidly and accurately, on both the QWERTY key pad and the 9-key pad, with no practice time in between.
I had to send my Blackberry in to get fixed, but I'm still texting just fine with my Razr. Being biTEXTual is a good thing comfort zone.
by inthebackseatofyourcarJae November 24, 2008
Adjective: To be able to write in both cursive and print neatly.
I was dumbfounded when I found out Mitchell was bitextual and wrote a letter in cursive.
by DBenjamin September 17, 2009
The ability to be able to write in the male or female gender, depending on who you are talking to via messaging or chat. Useful for messenger programs as well as social networking and internet dating sites, also good when phishing for a new cyber mate.
Im so bitextual that I already have got 4 girlfriends and 2 boyfriends on the internet and one of them is sending me free cash.
by crazy Texas master May 28, 2013
When someone flirts equally with males and females via text.
Connor: heyyyy will are we gonna go sledding tommorrow or whattt? ;)
Will: GTFO. youre such a bitextual
by willad January 29, 2011
One who can text in two different languages, either simultaneously or individually.
Mary is bitextual. She can text in both Spanish and English.
by gs84112 January 28, 2011
To text two different people of different genders in a short amount of time
Guy 1: Dude who you talking to?
Guy 2: Dave and Anne.
Guy 1: What?!
Guy 2: Didn't you know? I'm bitextual.
by I. M. McGlovin August 06, 2008

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