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The ability to text, rapidly and accurately, on both the QWERTY key pad and the 9-key pad, with no practice time in between.
I had to send my Blackberry in to get fixed, but I'm still texting just fine with my Razr. Being biTEXTual is a good thing comfort zone.
by inthebackseatofyourcarJae November 24, 2008
a massive outbreak of a sexually transmitted infections or diseases in one area.
Having that girl Staples in town brought about a slutonic plague.
by inthebackseatofyourcarJae July 10, 2008
The ability to text using both hands at the same time or either individually.
Person one: Hey man, aren't you right handed?
Person two: Yea. Why?
1: You're texting with your left hand.
2: Man, I'm ambiTEXTrious.
by inthebackseatofyourcarJae November 24, 2008
the unzipping of zippers to engage in sexual relations.
Person one: Dude! Your interupting!
Person two: Interupting what?
1: my sex-degating process.
2: ahhh. geeez. TMI
by inthebackseatofyourcarJae March 19, 2008

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