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an expletive that describes someone who can dish it out but cries when it is dished back.
Andy dogged us for half the day but when we dogged back he cried like the Bitchtitty he is.
by Delma Dulanney December 21, 2004
Man with extremely large breasts for his size. Has lots of sagging and looks extremely disgusting. Normally refuses to ever take off a coat or jacket they are wearing to hide there enormous tits.
Dude, that kids got the biggest bitch titties I've ever seen.
by JustinRyan July 08, 2005
1. See Man Boobs
2. What you say whenever something terrible happens.
2. I was playing Mario Kart and I was in 1st for a while but now I'm in 12th. Bitch Titties!
by Drbrendan September 09, 2008
Jersey shore jitbags who use steroids and develop gyno.


A thin male with abnormally shaped gay tits
You really gonna take your shirt off at the club wit those bitchtitties?
by the kid 333 January 19, 2010
A hurtful insult said as a last resort in order to win an argument or silence the one who your arguing with leaving them dazed and confused.
Person 1: You mama ugly yo girl ugly and yo granny ugly

Person 2: Well you a Bitch Titty! *walks away*

Person 1: O.o
by @djkred95 August 06, 2013
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