A spray you spray on yourself to get rid of annoying people by acting BITCHY.
JOE"holly crap its bill run"
TONY"NO its fine just spray this bitchquick on yourself"
BILL leaves crying
by RE1997 March 27, 2010
Top Definition
A pancake mix, similar to Bisquick, except that it is solely consumed by women during their time each month. It is believed to be the source of womankind's bitchiness during this cycle. It is an illicit substance, but completely untracable.
Tom: Hey Jennie! How's it going?
Jennie: Don't give me that "how's it going" crap!!! Your such a fucking ass leave me alone!
Tom: Whoa... did you eat Bitchquick this morning?
by Glomwill January 31, 2008
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