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Any Bitch's car
Bitch just turned the bus into a bitchmobile
by shinjiboy May 28, 2009
any car driven by someone who acts like a bitch, or the car isnt cool therefore making it a bitch
I guess we'll just have to take Chad's bitchmobile home
by niqqa4lyfe January 30, 2011
This is every normal girl's worst nightmare. The Bitchmobile an be found circling a park where lots of people go. They can be heard before they even turn the corner due to the shrieking and screeching laughter. Whenever they see a girl who is (shock, horror!)NOT wearing Prada or Chanel, they will immediatly slow down to about 10mph and make crude comments about the girl's clothing until they run out of stupid things to say and floor the car, just because they can. Whenever they see a girl who is in fact a lot prettier and wearing better clothes than them, they will all gawp out at her until they realise that their jaws have dropped, when they will rearrange their plastic little faces into dirty looks. When they see a hot boy, the car will be slowed and the occupants will flick their hair until they crash into a lamp post. When they see a boy that they will class as a dork, they will shout 'nerd' and scream with laughter at their one-dimensional wit. The bitchmobile is usually pink and convertable, and will have been bought by the main princess's daddy. Of course this is only temporary as the bitches have an exam tommorrow and all the time they were circling the park, they tod their parents they were studying. Hence the F and summer school. No more bitch-mobiling for the bitches! And lots more fun for the rest of us. Hooray!
Jas: Oh, no! I recognise that shrieking! IT'S THE BITCHMOBILE!

Tiffin: Wait, they just hit a lamp post. There's a jock behind us.

Jas: Haha! Rules!
by Tiffin November 09, 2005
Generally applicable to women (although men are not excluded) who are known to freak out, act tryannical, snap for any reason, and otherwise turn "bitchy" due to hormones or disposition. During said rampages one can be described as "riding one's bitch mobile".
Employee: Brad is lurking in the back room reading D&D books again...
Manager: I guess I need to jump on my bitch mobile and go "motivate" him.

Sibling #1: Mom's asked me 3 times if you have taken the trash out yet...
Sibling #2: Yeah, she's riding her bitch mobile today. I'm laying low until she calms down.
by Deserita September 03, 2007
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