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Basically the essence of life. A word used to describe almost anything, good or bad.
"That is SO bichell!"
"You're bitchell"
"OMG, that is so UN-bitchell"
"That hurt like a bitchell"

and the ever so famous
by Bitchell_Glen_Coco May 09, 2009
A term of endearment. Used to show people named Mitchell, that you love them very much.
Friend: BITCHELL! :)

Mitchell: Awe, I love you too bro!
by mrman4 October 06, 2011
a person (generally male) in a managing position at a family entertainment center who is way to old for the job he has and takes it way to seriously as well so as to piss off all the other people at the family entertainment center. He also usuall is in the addiational employment of the crappy convience store across the street
"Did bitchell ask you to work laser tag, front desk, rockwall, and birthdays all at the same time agian for two shifts"
"yeah then he went across the street to pump someone's gas"
by KANDNYYYYYY July 31, 2005