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An angry outburst of complaints that lasts for an extended period of time.
When my mom came home from work she started a bitchathon.

Sweet lord in heaven! That woman is on a bitchathon!
by Death Bunny 69 November 24, 2010
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To bitch and rant about someone or something, marathon style.
A: Am I going to get an apology for last night?
B: Yeah, sorry, my bitchathon went too far.

C: God, I hate X. He's such a pretentious twat. And really arrogant and smug all the time, he just lords it over everyone.
D: I know what you mean, he rubs it in everyone's faces that he has three jobs and doesn't care that he's offending anyone in the process.
C: I swear he tried to use me for ideas for his work as well.....
by ecloud23 August 07, 2011
when a bunch of bitches come together and act bitch made
rob- u goin to da bitchathon tommorow

tone- hell yeah my nigg all the bitch made niggs gon be dere
by blamo April 22, 2008

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