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A term for bitch commonly used by short goofy inner city children with purple skull caps pulled over their eyes and big goofy lips
"I'ba Pop'ba Yoba Bitcha Assa Tooba,... Bitcha!"
by Fat Abbot March 20, 2003
A word commonly used among college students from one friend to another. It usually implies that one is being silly, goofy, or an intolerable human being. Usually used in kindness not hostility.
"Why are you being such a bitcha?"
by Keely Craig March 14, 2006
One who is of male gender that fails to live up to his genetic born masculinity and demonstrates traits that of a female teenager going through puberity.
Is that dude really whining? What a fucking bitcha!

Are you really going to the Justin Bieber concert? Dude, your a bitcha!
by Tenoch Itzel October 14, 2010