A submitted vote form or participation in an election that gives you the right to complain about the outcomes related to it.
You don't get to complain about Obama's stimulus package, your lazy ass didn't fill out a bitch ticket last year.
by austinphoenix December 24, 2009
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Invented in the late 2004's, this word was colloquially used to describe those who annoyed the great Nathan Plunkert(herein referred to as "The Awesome"). The Awesome first referred to someone as a bitchticket when confronted with a lack of words to describe his roomate's behavior. The Awesome then created this word, a combination of two existing words, to grandly describe his roomate. Comes from the latin "bitch", meaning "someone who pisses off", and "ticket" meaning "a small slip of paper giving a sort of permission." When combined, the literal definition means "One who has clearly purchased a ticket to be a bitch."
Jay never even mentioned that you called. Jay is such a bitchticket.

Stop whining little girl, you're being a total bitchticket.

Rick's ex girlfriend was perpetually on the rag. What a bitchticket.
by Nathan Zorblack December 03, 2004

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