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When you work at a restaurant in which you deliver food and the manager sends you all across town in many different directions.
Guy 1: Come on motherfucker how you gonna send me to Main st. and to Bumfuck Egypt all in one run. Man this a Bitch Run!

Manager: Man just take the motherfuckin run!
by Electric Funeral June 01, 2009
Instead of the above definition, should this not be: "running like the bitch that you are", best said to a man as a derogatory insult? (but also versatile and useful in insulting a female, should you wish to).

Definition: a noun describing the act of running like a bitch, where bitch is probably better spelt biatch. Derogatory insult to a man, insinuating that he is better classified as a bitch than a proper man, or of course it could equally be an insult to a woman, since most women do not like to be called a bitch (or biatch), quite understadably.
That was such a bitch run.
by Joe19 June 24, 2007
When there is a person that you have some reason for not liking. And, you are talking to a friend and start going on about this person by saying mean things about them.
Mac: Are you going on a bitch run about Sara?
Codie: Why, yes I am. I hate her.
Mac: I can tell by all the things you say!
Codie: Damn right
by kycowgirl September 18, 2006
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