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This word is often used by men who tend to be vindictive and hateful by nature.

This word is quite vulgar and I am I have noticed that many use this word to try to be as offensive and degrading as they can all in the same cut down.

BITCH- a 4 legged female dog; a word that most men call their female to offend. Whinney or annoying women are often called a bitch. B- Beautiful <3 I- Intelligent <3 T-Trustworthy <3 C- Crazy <3 H- Heavenly

Ass- A part of the body located below back. A person who often acts foolish can be called an ass. A part of the body that others enjoying looking at.

Cunt- a offensive name that women are called when the other wants to really piss them off. Another word for pussy. The cunt is located around the vaginal area.
My roommate often calls me a Bitch Ass Cunt is hopes that he is highly offenisve but inside ends up humoring me.

Jorge likes to use the phrase "Bitch Ass Cunt" when he feels like being vulgar towards a woman and most often when he wants to upset them.

Bitch is for a female dog. Ass is what my man enjoys looking at naked. Cunt is a dirty and kinky word for vagina or pussy.
by Tasha April 05, 2005
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