A peer to peer program written by Bram Cohen in 2001. Allows users to both upload and download files from other users. Should be classified as a second generation file sharing program, since it is decentralized and not located on one server.

Because of this, it is next to impossible for the MPAA or RIAA to stop it. When they shut down one site, 20 more pop up. Bit Torrent is primarily used by people with intelligence, who are sick and tired of paying rip off prices for movies, games, books, software, and just about everything else. It makes cable tv obsolete.
Wow, I just downloaded 12 gigs of porn on a bit torrent site for free! I will never pay for porn again!
by transduction June 04, 2006
Great filesharing source for popular files. It is wildely efficient if enought people download, and the more people who download a file, the faster download.
Jhon: I need Windows XP, but i am poor.
Bob: Search Bittorrent, it's free!
by Jewwmann not jewish March 03, 2006
The only download program that gives you the exact copy of the original application/movie/game you are downloading from.

Unlike Kazaa, what you click is what you get.

BitTorrent and Suprnova are best friends.
Download and burn a complete DVD with BitTorrent if you are a cheapskate.
by Zopal March 20, 2004
Supreme God of Computer Programs. Nuff' said.
BitTorrent, God of Gods
by asddsa January 25, 2010
A program used to download files onto your computer.
It is incredibly 1337 and awesome. It was written by Bram Cohen and is usually used for large files as it tis faster than other pograms. Its only limitation is that you must download torrents to use it, and the speed depends on how many other people have the file. Bittorrent is usually the p2p program with the most street cred, and has a very decentralized user base, home dawgz.
Example 1: "I just downloaded 30 gigs worth of porn using bit torrent! All right! I'll be jerking off for days!"

Example 2: "I just downloaded Halo off bit torrent, man! Come over and get an ass-whooping!"
by The 1337 i-i4x0r January 20, 2006
1. this is the shizz that will get u anime, music, and porn. go to bittorrent.com to download it.

2. if kazaa gets shut down, this is the thing we would all use
"naruto 52 is now out on bit torrent"

"yo, can i download the new outkast album on bit torrent yet?!?"
by neo-kaneida October 09, 2003
A program that creates a network between users to make your downloads go really fast and all but eliminates leeching. It's pretty cool, dudes.
"Hey, BitTorrent is cool and stuff. It makes me want to sing songs of joy and happiness."
by Spacecow March 16, 2003

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