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When you have nothing to do, so you just watch the torrent download until its done.
A (Over Phone): Hey man, what are you doing?
B: Not much, just Bittorrent babysitting my Shutter Island Download
by smurfyman April 05, 2010
Where you say you got a pirated movie or game, when you don't want to say it's pirated. This comes from the fact that buccaneer is another word for pirate, and a cove is a small bay.
John: Why do you have a DVD of Avatar with Russian Subtitles?
Jack: I got it at Buccaneer Cove.
by smurfyman March 28, 2010
The crappy version of breakfast you have to eat because there is no electricity and you can't cook.
There was an ice storm last night, so I have to have a crappy blackout breakfast of cold coffee and stale Shredded Wheat.
by smurfyman February 26, 2010

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