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When you are pinging out of your mind on disco biscuits so hard that you just cant seem to stop chewing your face off.
Get your biscuit face on!!
by Piznit March 23, 2011
Somebody with a chunky yet fluffy face that doesn't give you your way.
I want to go out to eat so you can take it or leave it biscuit face.

Shut up biscuit face.
by Silversesu February 09, 2012
A person whose face you just want to pound like a blob of gooey biscuit mix.
She called me a bitch, and I wanted to punch her just like the rest of her biscuit face friends.

Shut up before you become a biscuit face.
by bebivens March 10, 2008
Being a pasty faced snatch
Man, Borstle is a real bicuit face!
by valid December 11, 2003
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