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A mark given to someone at birth by God because he decided it should grow on that person in the certain place. Sometimes they look really cute and attractive and are not moles. Most people who have them don't like them but it usually makes them more appealing cause they are different than the rest of us cause they are more special.
Person 1:Did you see that mole on Ashlynne's face?
Person 2:Dawg that ain't no mole, thats a birthmark aka beauty mark.
Person 1:Oh yeah you're right cause she looks so pretty with it.
Person 2:I know shes perfect and to top it off she has that beautiful birthmark on her face to make her look even more beautiful. Can I call her an angel?
by Ashlynne's lover August 08, 2014
When wiping after taking a crap and you get some poop on your hand.
Man, I just took a huge shit, but I got this birthmark now.
by M.G. Lite February 28, 2008

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