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A Receipt for the skeet.
I was not tryna put my name on that birth certificate until we got a blood test.
by soulocutz August 24, 2011
Your official diagnosis of Life. See Birthday.
Your birth certificate shows your diagnosis of Life, with the time and date that you got it.
by Help stop spreading the disease September 13, 2006
The abortion clinic's apology letter to your mother.
Doctor: I'm sorry ma'am, the procedure didn't work. We're sorry, you're going to have a semi-retarded baby boy. I hope this birth certificate helps.

Mother: Uhhh...what?
by JTurskz September 21, 2007
It is the paper on which your birth date is written on. It USUALLY records your date of birth, but under other circumstances it could be used for just about ANYTHING. Most likely, your birth certificate is ACTUALLY an apology from the condom factory.
Wassup fool I was born in the 20's, look its on by BIRTH CERTIFICATE yo!

They told me to bring my BIRTH CERTIFICATE to prove I was 21 so they didn't let me into the gay strip club that I like to touch my weenis in.
by Dr. Ee-L Nar G.1 January 19, 2010
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