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A very pretty girl, usaully hispanic or mexican.. shes one of the girls you wanna meet before you die. she has lots of blonde moments, and absolutely loves to dance! shes random at times. they are know to randomly fart, and when it comes to boys she can get any guy !
1-dude my friend likes you

2-whats her name
2-yeah i like her too
by mrrightt August 19, 2011
a very hot girl usually Hispanic or Mexican. She is known for her unforgettable personality. You can recognize a Biridiana, by their big ass. If you are feeling down, she'll do anything to make you happy. They are also known to randomly fart. If you want a life time friend, look for a Biridiana. Trust me, she'll be there for you 24/7
•Damn who's that girl with the fat ass?
•Oh that's Biridiana
by Youngg Money Thugg August 16, 2015
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