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The act of spitting a shot of alcohol into the mouth of another.
"I pulled a 5 in circle of death, so now I have to take a Birdfeeder."
by minnesnowda July 01, 2009
A method of consumption of beer. The "feeder" attaches a fish hook to a ceiling and attaches some floss. The other end of the floss is strung onto a tab of an unopened beer can. The "feeder" then winds up the beer repeatedly and opens the tab while still holding the beer. The "feeder" then has the "bird" hold the beer. The "bird" then punctures the beer in a shotgunning motion, creating a circular stream of beer onto the "bird". IMPORTANT: The "bird" must flap his/her wings and follow the spinning circle of beer.
Zach: Colin and Bob lost in pong. They have to do a bird feeder.
by Zenzilla December 11, 2009
when participating in a 3-way consisting of 2 girls and one guy, the guy cums in a girls mouth (better if its the other girls mother), and the first girl spits it into the other girls mouth (better if its her daughter).
dude, bird feeder! i cant believe i got both of them at the same time! i came in her mothers mouth, and she spit it into her daughters!
by gaedikus October 12, 2011
the act of a girl standing on her head while you eat her out, resembling a bird eating from the bird feeder
Taylor- Did you get any action last night?
John- Yea man i ate her out using the bird feeder technique
by Highest Roller February 16, 2007
The act of spitting in your partners mouth during intercourse, like a mother bird feeding it chicks by regurgitation.
"I heard she likes getting a bird feeder."

"I met up with a guy last night and he asked me to give him a bird feeder."
by bigwillie4200 October 01, 2011
Someone who sells weed. This term is used in association with birdfood. Created by Alex Martin, Jordan Livingston, and Jordan Jansco.
Yo, call up the birdfeeder.
by AlexMartin April 19, 2008
The sexual act in which a man receives a rim job and a blow job at the same time from multiple partners
Dude I totally got Shelby and Jessica to give me the bird feeder
by thesexanator December 08, 2013
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