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Small penis. Under 6 inces
Hun do you got birdfood? If you go outside naked do birds attack you cause they hungry and they think your penis is a worm or birdfood?
by Miss.bleo October 22, 2007
Codename for weed. This term is used in association with bircall. Created by Alex Martin, Jordan Livingston, and Jordan Jansco.
Hey man, do you have any birdfood?
by AlexMartin April 19, 2008
Bird food is subject matter that mostly only girls care about, and can be used to lure them into a conversation. Some prime examples are: handbags, shoes, and chick flicks.
Larry: Hey Rick I'm going out with Lisa tonight, and I dunno what to talk to her about.
Rick: Didn't that new Twilight movie come out? Just toss some of that bird food at her and she'll start chirping away.
by darksydex3226 March 13, 2012
Bird food is a term used to describe a man with a small penis. The term gets it's name from a worm, which is commonly eaten bird food.
Ho mah gawd! That man had birdfood!
by Sharquanda November 15, 2007

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