you get a girl with at least medium length hair... wrap your dick with it and jerk off. afterwards, you have a bird's nest.
if your girlfriend is sleeping you can rub one out with her hair and she'll wake up with a beautiful bird's nest. she will be so happy and grateful. it's a gift perfect for any occasion.
by gohn December 03, 2009
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A penis that is so small it does not hang and barely pokes beyond the pube line, giving it the appearance of a hatched baby bird and two eggs.
Holy crap, that asian kid's junk looks like a Bird's Nest.
by Shocka41 July 10, 2009
Placing toilet paper around the seat of a toilet, to form a protective barrier from the germs on the seat. Mostly done in public bathrooms. Looks remarkable like a birds nest
Me: I don't wanna pewp in that stall, it looks real disgusting...

Dave: Dude! Just birds nest it!
by bobmcd123 September 11, 2007
The toilet paper shield that some people construct around the seat of a public toilet so that they don't contract any of the various forms of ass and sexual diseases that thrive on porcelain.
"When Brenda left the bathroom, we were puzzled as to why all the toilet paper was gone. She then explained to us that she had birds nested it, and suddenly everything made sense."
by sressler December 21, 2006
A girls un-shaved vagina, puss, Furr Burger... it somewhat resembles a birds nest, minus a bird... unless you still wanna slip your bird in there...
Tell your sister to grow out her birds nest for me!
by Ralph bitch September 12, 2010
While having rough sex the male tangles and tousles the woman's hair into a nest of sorts. When he is about to finish he pulls out and busts into her hair to give it the finished product hold, resembling a birds nest.
After Erin complained she ran out of hair gel Anthony fucked her and finished in her hair leaving her with a birds nest.
by Optimus P August 01, 2010
when a girl is on the bottom during sex and the friction of her head being rubbed back and forth on the pillow causes the hair on the back of her head to tangle forming a large knot of hair that looks like a bird's nest
i was fucking this girl hard from on top and she got a huge birds nest
by johncamacho May 03, 2010
A birdsnest is when a person constructs a pretty hairdo, such as a high round bun on top of the head, which resembles a bird's nest.
The male partner then ejaculates into the middle of the birdsnest. They then gently rest their balls in the middle of the birdsnest - with their balls being two little incubated eggs.
"Your hair looks so pretty today my dear! I think I'm going to give you a birdsnest!"
"Thank you sweetheart, that's so very thoughtful!"

"Darling, would you like to birdsnest me?"
"I certainly would! I'm going to give you the best birdsnest you've ever had!"

"I've never had a birdsnest before but I'd really like to try it!"
"I'll give you one right now sweetheart!"
by Neety October 15, 2014

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