Another word for Date Rape
Latest example of Bipartisanship: Republicans got tax cuts for the wealthy and an extension of the estate tax. In exchange for zilch.
by kurcules January 07, 2011
Top Definition
When Democrats and Republicans come together to buttfuck the American people
"The 7.3 trillion dollar budget along with 5.1 trillion in new government programs, 1.5 trillion in war spending, 700 billion in pork projects, 500 billion in economic stimulius payments, and 3 million to prepay for congressional office blowjobs were great examples of congressional bipartisanship!"

"Wait, that is over half our GDP! How are we supposed to pay for any of this?"

"Drop your pants, bend over, and bite your lip while Uncle Sam shows you the real definition of bipartisanship!"
by Future Generations June 13, 2008
Two political groups pretending to work together.
I'll hug your elephant if you kiss my ass.
by sideout312 August 02, 2003
2 different ends of the same turd.
Congress is a big toilet bowl. Full of bipartisanship. Democrats on one end, republicans on the other.= 2 different ends of the same turd= BIPARTISANSHIP.
by damagedgoods April 11, 2013
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