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Another word for Date Rape
Latest example of Bipartisanship: Republicans got tax cuts for the wealthy and an extension of the estate tax. In exchange for zilch.
by kurcules January 07, 2011
Exercising hard, but not too hard, very often. Also called GTG.
Gymrat: Dude! How'd you put 50 pounds onto your bench so quick?

Dude: Easy, skinny Gymrat! I did a Grease the Groove by doing one set of about 5 reps near my max weight, every day before breakfast.
by Kurcules May 28, 2010
Pinned-out tree hugging of the feel-good kind, no knowledge of or interest in the reality of the situation (like, take your eyes off the MPG-o-meter and focus on getting where you're going and see what sort of milage you get. And lets not talk about what happens when those huge and expensive batteries die about the time most cars are getting broken in)
Oblivious Person: blah blah blah plug in car blah blah green blah
Blivious Person: Don't be so Prius. Where do you think the frigging electricity comes from, idiot?
Oblivious Person: but blah blah blah green blah blah
by kurcules August 07, 2011
A plate you weld on top of your weld because you don't trust your welding.
Hey Joe what's with the bozo chicken plate on your suspension weld?
by kurcules March 27, 2011
Kurcules (which rhymes with "Hurcules") is a nickname for a built Kirk. Often incorrectly spelled "Kircules" or "Kirkules".
gymrat 1: "You spelled kirk-u-leese wrong on the board"
gymrat 2: "OK smart-ass. Hows it spelled?"
gymrat 1: "kurcules is spelled k-u-r-c-u-l-e-s, like in h-u-r-c-u-l-e-s but with a k"
by kurcules April 21, 2010
Prep politician talk for "uh..." or "ummm...". See "umm"
Prep: "Going forward we will make money"

Stoner: "Umm, we will make money"

Old school: "We will make money"
by kurcules July 30, 2010
Totally maximum effort.
Man, Kurcules sure pinned out that press!
by kurcules May 28, 2010

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