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A Bioware fan cranked up to 11. They'll defend to the death anything with the Bioware logo on it, including critically panned titles such as Dragon Age 2, Sonic Chronicles, and the up-and-coming Star Wars: The Old Republic. Vulnerable to any sort of objective evidence (e.g. Bioware RPG cliche chart, "29:30" cutscene from SWTOR) and only live to serve their EA overlords. Seriously, show them the chart. They will rage.
Typical Biodrone defending the infamous 29:30 cutscene:

What do you mean SWTOR has objectively bad animations and storytelling? It'll be fixed by launch. There's gonna be a magic patch that fixes everything, really! SWTOR can't be a WoW clone because it has STORY! It will change the face of MMOs forever. The NDA is still up this close to launch to prevent SPOILERS. Bioware has nothing to hide. Everything Bioware touches turns into gold!
by Has a Ph.D in Kicking Your Ass October 25, 2011
A term used by ex-Bioware fanboys to refer to current Bioware fanboys. Or anyone that claims to like any Bioware games post Dragon Age: Origins.
Ron: Hey, bro, wanna go out for a drink?
Paul: No can do. I'm too busy posting on the forums to prove how wrong these Biodrones are!
by Airguitar February 27, 2012
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