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10 definitions by spanj

like whoop de doo but sarcastic and unenthuasiastic
"I passed my test..yay!"
"woopdefuckindoo mate!!"
"my hamster died!!"
by spanj June 02, 2004
24 3
like bredrin
slang for sister
like girl friend
"yo girlfriend"
"yo sisterin!!"
by spanj June 02, 2004
8 5
wen ur real nervous like wen ur meetin a blind date or real fancy sumone hot!
"man that guy gives me the worst flutterbugz..hes so hot!!"
by spanj June 05, 2004
2 0
a bit ditsy and silly but intelligent and likes to wear jewellery!
"Dja like ma nu neklace man?"
"yeah nice banglebrain"
by spanj June 05, 2004
1 0
goin for it an doin sumit to de upmost of ya ability
"Man I need a sk8!"
"den DOO ONE....propa!!"
by spanj June 02, 2004
1 0
Also watagwan.....whats goin on, whats happenin man-glasto chat
"yo yo watsfigwanin rude boy?"
"yeah jus chillin"
by spanj June 02, 2004
4 4
general silly idiot that talks a lot of shit- i thought of it to abuse my mates in bristol that talked a lot of crap
"ur so stupid ay?"
"yeah man, ur fulla bumchutney!"
"cheers guyz"
by spanj June 02, 2004
3 3