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1. What partially blind people wear on their face to improve their eye sight, also known as glasses or jars.
"I need to get bints on"

"Gimme your bints!"
by JO!? July 30, 2008
4 20
English slang for a whore or bitch. Similar to a tart.
" can't proclaim yourself king just because some moistend bint lobbed a scimitar at you." -Monty Python, Holy Grail
by SnottyIrishman August 02, 2005
1536 460
The Arab meaning of the word "woman" but often used as a sexist term towards women.
"Give me my food you bint"
by bob December 28, 2003
880 460
A colloquial word for slag, tart, bimbo, a girl not well liked, etc
15 year old Rose was a bint! She went out with a 23 year old bloke!
by niem October 21, 2005
588 414
In Scots, used to be a term for an attractive female though now mostly used as an insult. A stupid, bitchy or undesirable girl.
"shutit ya wee bint"

"See that fucking bint of a bird you've got? She's doing ma nut right in. Get it sorted."
by Bertie Bumwhistle May 30, 2005
288 210
An english slang word for a woman.
"Get me a beer you bint"
by Johnny Rubber October 30, 2006
224 221
In certain areas of Western Sydney, 'bint' functions as a term of endearment (if a somewhat cheeky one) devoid of standard derogatory connotations. The definition is closer to mate or china (plate).
How are you doing ya bint?

Have you heard that band 11:59? They're a right bunch of cool frockney bints!
by mcledge April 27, 2011
74 79