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A further classification of the term Bint relating to a female of angry/rowdy disposition.
She's liable to cause arguments or dole out physical abuse to persons in the general vicinity.
Usually, but not always, a Bintor is inebriated.

The term is often used in reference to a regularly rowdy bint.
Bintor was out last night, I saw her stomping through town..
by Fat Ramhar November 18, 2010
The evolved form of a binty. Evolution likely to be a result of excess consumption of stimulants. Aggressive, irrational and monstrous. Extremely racist. Especially towards oriental Asians. Not to be confused with a bingey, the drunken but peaceful evolution of a binty.
In a state of inebriation Bintor did a hate crime on an Asian.

'Are you related to me?' said the bintor to her close relative before molesting him.
by Ginge McInver2 November 18, 2010