The act of being terminated from one's employment, from most large organizations, where they don't respect people when they are let go. They're handed a package, and often escorted out the door. Tossed out with the trash, so to speak. As in the UK, the term binned means to throw in the trash.
"I really liked my job. Unfortunately, yesterday, I was binned."
by gotcha123 December 06, 2013
Top Definition
Term used in Ireland to describe drunkenness.
'Jaysis man, I was binned last night!'
by 1759 December 17, 2008
1) To be killed, or for instance when someone on screen get killed, not just slightly injured, but definitely made to be dead, in no uncertain terms, usually best said with appropriate emphasis -

2) To be totally fucked or wasted in the sense of having consumed too much narcotics or alcohol, usually a combination of both, or possibly just suffering from extreme fatigue, but conveying a total inability to move, let alone consume more substances -
1) "oh shit dude... that geezer in Dog Soldiers just got BINNED! by that Warewolf..."

2)Man #1 "dude... you want this spliff?"
Man #2 "nah... fuck that shit mate im binned!"
by Maccie April 05, 2007
1. owned , rawed etc

Where your adimant about a fact and somebody proves you wrong, they have "Binned" you.
Guy 1 : An apple is a vegatable
Guy 2 : No its a fruit
*Looks in dictionary*
Onlooker : oooohhh binned !!
by Vimto December 21, 2006
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