bingo wings old women wih excess droopy skin.
at a bingo hall when they shout bingo and they put their hand up swiftly is an example of bingo wings in action
by anna la roo March 30, 2005
what happens to your triceps when they turn to fat. Usually sported by middle aged townie women in bingo halls.
by bb April 23, 2003
The loose skin on the underside of the arm of older women.
That lady has the largest bingo wings I've ever seen.
by trapper79 July 17, 2008
Flabbing jiggling , wiggling, swaying flabs of fat that droop and hang under fat women's(often elderly) upper arms, especially when they have been raised and lifted up. Also known as "bat wings" and "arm flaps" Named after often hefty women who play Bingo.Popularized in Australian and British slang.
Check out the bingo wings on her!
I hate my bingo wings
I need to get liposuction to get rid of my hideous bingo wings
by Pogmotoin January 09, 2008
Flabby under-arms (aka jello arms)
"I fucking love your filthy, jiggling, stinking, dirty bingo wings. More than that Jebus ever could"
by Trixie Firecracker September 04, 2004
An unsightly glob of fat between the elbow and armpit which exists in lieu of a tricep. This jiggly extra addition to the anatomy is found exclusively on moms or grandmas. The Bingo-Wing is most noticeable when waving or yelling Bingo! at a church picnic.
Grandma: "Thanks for stopping by, we'll see you on your birthday!" (waves good bye)

Brother: "Did you see that Bingo-Wing? It almost knocked grandpas head off!"
by JFC3 June 20, 2011
Under-arm flab. Simply, the most unattractive part of a woman's body.
Fly, fly away with your bingo wings, you old hag.

When I say Bingo y'all say Wings. Bingo - WINGS! Bingo - WINGS!
by pancakes4dinner March 28, 2009

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