Rich: "Fancy a game of bingo bango bongo tonight Jue?"

Jue: "Piss off Rich."
by lamanga2004 July 07, 2009
Top Definition
A golf game variant played for points. One point is given to the first player to get their ball onto the green, one point to the person closest to the hole once all players are on the green and one point for the first person to get the ball into the whole.
We have new golfers with us, let's play bingo bango bongo so they don't feel like scrubs.
by darkofday March 12, 2011
An expression to shorten details of a story, to emphasize the end result. Usually connotes positive outcomes, or outcomes that were sudden or unexpected.
I was hanging out with Suzie last weekend when all of a sudden she started making out with me. I kiss back, we head on over to her room, and then bingo bango bongo, I'm nailing her on top of her sister's bed.
by Jack March 07, 2011
The best National Hockey League goaltender of all time, and the franchise player of the Vancouver Canucks. aka Bobby Lou, aka Luongod, aka Roberto Luongo.
"BINGO BANGO BONGO, his name is Roberto LUONGO" - Tom Larscheid, Team 1040.
by Jason "CanuckGod" C. March 18, 2007
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