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Taken after "Big Bang." Alternate Spelling: BingeBang
Pronounced "Binj Ba NG"

1. V. A person binges (usually with alcohol) and vomits everywhere. The person does not make it to the bathroom, and spews his or her throw up anywhere. This takes takes a while to clean up and is quite disgusting. Usually the subject is too drunk to clean it up, because he is incapacitated for a period of time.

N. The act of vomiting anywhere and everywhere, usually at parties with alcohol.

2. V. When someone bangs a person who had a little too much to drink and that person vomits during a thrust.

N. The act of vomiting when being banged.
1. Sally binge banged at that party.
Russ is such a lightweight because he binge bangs every time he parties with us.
That binge bang was quite enormous.

2. I don't remember binge banging last night.
I'm never having sex with that person again after that binge bang.
by Pimp Daddy C May 02, 2007
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