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A mixture of gasoline and milk, imbibed in desperate straits by hobos with nothing better to do, or for kicks if someone is mean enough to put you up to it. An intense experience,to say the least, so say survivors.
John: "Hey, did you ever drink bing-bang?"
Randy: "Oh no!,... oh Shit!... Oh God! Oh God!!!!"
John: "Did you die?!"
Randy: "Felt like I did..."
by skydog70 January 05, 2006
A catchy annoying song performed on the nickelodeon show "Lazy Town"
Jane: Have you hear bing bang?
john: Yeah its the first thing i say after i wake up
Jane: i say them before I go to sleep
by mikemanblah September 06, 2009
A marijuana cigarette rolled with a mixture of half marijuana and half tobacco.
Man, pass the bing bang... don't mess up the rotation. Who's hungry?
by Dimpitidoopie January 11, 2008
A two part sex act, the first part being a man fisting a women's ass while receiving oral sex, the second part being a man giving anal sex to a woman while she sucks on his fist.
"Let's switch this around a little bit and make it a bingbang!"
by The Flannel Menace March 30, 2006
1.) a Chinese, Asian, Korean, or Japanese person
2.) yellow people
I have two bing bangs in my class.
Look at those bing bang whores!
by KiLL January 17, 2006
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