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Where Mitt Romney gets his women from
Joe: Bit of a sausagefest we've got going on here, we need to find some ladies!

Mitt: Not to worry, I've got binders full of women we can choose from!
by Laleph October 16, 2012
A place Mitt Romney keeps all the women who work for him.
"Jeeves, be a chum and hand me one of my binders full of women."
by Nick E. Fresh October 16, 2012
Mitt Romney's organization system for the females he wants working for him. May also refer to warehouses filled with bound women. Common product of commercialist states.
When Romney requested more women for his Massachusetts cabinet: "They brought us binders full of women!"
by Zuuu19 October 16, 2012
A code phrase for a method of subjugating and humiliating women thru a series of deviant sex acts including but not limited to the Three Hole Punch, the Deepwater Horizon and the Gadsden Purchase, resulting in putting them in a submissive position forever.
Mitt said "When I became governor I went to groups of women and asked them to give me binders full of women to serve me, and they did." and his sons looked knowingly at one another while his sit-beside wife looked at her hands and cried inside.
by The Conserva-nazi October 18, 2012
Mitt Romney's gaffe when he talked about asking women's groups for potential Cabinet candidates. But you can feel free to misconstrue it as his way of condescendingly calling a group of women as if they're his whores.
Yep, when I was a governor of Massachusetts, I got binders full of women.
by mnihnuht October 17, 2012
Information used to keep track of file cabinets full of children.
That mob of kids need to be fed, bathed and put to bed, where did I put those binders full of women?
by guy full of definitions October 17, 2012
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