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Bin lids is cockney rhyming slang for kids.
Mother: 'Oh no, I forgot to pick my bin lids up from school again!'
by ElRach July 15, 2009
someone who's penis is all girth and no length
Jake: "i heard nick has a bin lid"
male Prostitute: "yeh he does"
by Stuart T February 19, 2008
Word used to mean glasses.
'I can't read this sign. I've lost my bin lids again!'
by vickibicki February 06, 2009
1. A pound coin.
2. A flid. Also window licker, spakka, jumbly.
1. Lend us a bin lid man.
2. Timmy from South Park.
by chris - p September 15, 2003
A bin lid is a pound coin (£) in British money.
Give me a bin-lid.
by sean hanlon April 18, 2003