Troll killer, one who thwarts or denies the trolling attempts of new users on message boards, in Irc channels, or anywhere else trolls are likely to congregate. See "The Three Billy Goats Gruff."
I'm glad we have Jeff in the channel. He's the best billy goat we have.
by MillyQPublic March 28, 2005
Top Definition
When on top of a girl during sex, just before you are about to blow it - you head butt her, pull it out, and let it loose on her face. By the time she comes to her senses you are putting on your pants and out the door...
Mike "So I gave Mary a billygoat last night"
Nate "No way! She must have sent you a pissed off text... well when she came to"
Mike " Ya, I guess it left a pretty good bruise.. she derserves it after the VD she gave me last month"
#face #billygoat #cleveland steamer #dirty sanchez #booty #headbutt #girl #sex
by Shame Doggy September 16, 2009
the patch of hair on a guys gooch.
dude i need to go home and trim up the Billy Goat
#taint #gooch #tea bag #ballsack #nuts
by KoryGore666 June 28, 2011
When a man is performing the sexual act of "tittyfucking" by putting his penis inbetween her breasts and then thrusting. When the man is about to ejaculate he makes sure that it he shoots his load onto the womans chin. Which will give her a white goatee like she is a billy goat
Jan loved it when i gave her the Billy Goat because she is an avid animal lover
#billy #goat #goatee #tittyfuck #ejaculate
by Cros1094 June 10, 2010
When a guy puts his penis in between a girls breast and orgasms on her chin; leaving a long white beard of cum resembling a billy goats beard.
Hey bro this chick last night gave me a tit job and I left her with a billy goat!
#billy goat #boob job #tit job #breast #beard #cum #penis
by Sly McFleezy October 23, 2011
Super awesome, see froody.
That cardigan is totally billygoat.
#froody #cool #awesome #legit #epic #cardigan
by arthurdentum October 19, 2011
A male Cougar... A man who is seven years old than the woman he is with and/or dating he is a Billy Goat(Male version of a Cougar)
That man likes younger woman, he's a billy Goat...
#cougar #male #billy #goat #billygoat #cougars
by Reactor11 September 16, 2007
The ridiculous tuft of hair known as a goatee on guys who want to be taken "seriously". The 2000s version of the "mullet". Taken from the slang "Hillbilly" and "Goatee". Most often seen in conjunction with shaven heads.
"Hey, look at Mr. Badass with the Billygoat and wifebeater shirt! I bet he has a barb-wire tattoo!"
#goatee #goatie #hillbilly #stupid #redneck #mullet #wifebeater #beard
by KJCDB December 03, 2007
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