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Term used when someone gets the shit kicked out of them.
Ex1. Damn, that guy just got Billy Jacked!
Ex2. You wanna get billy jacked?
#beat up #billyjacked #busted up #billie jacked #saved
by protoman2100 March 03, 2010
to suddenly morph into a mannequin or dummy at the precise moment of being hurled through solid objects, like glass windows, etc.
ya man, this kid in my physics class totally billy jacked out the 2nd floor window in the middle of lecture. i think he was on pcp.

dude. you're on pcp.
#billy jacked #billy-jack #billyjack #billyjacked #billy jack
by trickyleg June 21, 2011
To run at a high rate of speed towards someones stomach.
"that nigga got Billy Jacked"
#billyjack #billy-jacked #billy-jack #cock punch #gooch slap
by Dronlol February 08, 2009
The definition of a double barrel ass whoopin' handed by a single bad assed motherfucker to a smart assed individual or individuals when they flap their gums.
Better watch your smart ass mouth or you'll get your ass Billy Jack'ed!!!
#billy jack #billy jack'ed #billy jack'ed!!! #billy jacked #bad ass mother fucker
by ajmcleod November 24, 2010
The act of getting beyond-wasted on booze and weed and losing your mind.
Dude, I got Billy Jacked last night. I'm still picking glass out of my arm and butt, and my penis hurts. I don't know how it all happened. Fuck my miserable, piece-of-shit life.
#wasted #blitzed #shithammered #fucked up #nitro
by Pivboon December 24, 2009
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