An Idiot programer who owns microsoft.
Bill gates is a jackass
by Awesomeguy February 22, 2005
a business genius that gives a lot of his earnings to various charities (but ONLY because his adoring significant other insists on it)
bill gates, jewish, penny-pinching, genius, douche, jew
by slug_loaf November 28, 2006
Evil overlord nazi who's company produces subpar video gaming systems.
Bill Gates, what a nazi.
by Leon419 March 11, 2005
The rich cunt that owns Micro$oft... Besides his 50 billion dollar wealth, the can't seem to find anyone to give him plastic surgery... i mean... god he is so very ugly...
A: Oh its hideous... what is is?
B: Its that rich cunt bill gates
by ZXZXZXZX July 21, 2005

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